Freitag, 28. Januar 2011


oh my freaking god.
my brain is like fried nowadays. messing up names during talking to somebody and stuff like that.
there are times i am sitting in my dorm room studying like crazy from like eight in the morning straight through lunchtime and at four or five in the afternoon i am spent. today i decided to just head out. i was just thinking about a long walk but on the way i decided to head to starbucks, i had my books and notes with my for just such a thing to happen:)
when i arrived at starbuck firstly i didn't even get a mug and secondly i just found a for shit seat at a table on full display. it was really annoying.
after that i decided to just call my brother because my mother had a really cute reaction to my passing my exam on monday. we laughed our hearts out. i must have looked very funny cause all the other patrons looked kind of annoyed at me. i just couldn't bring myself to care. it was a very long but also very refreshing conversation. i was on the phone with for one hour and ten minutes. i think this was the longest i have ever talked to my brother over the phone.
i am really glad that he will be home nearly the whole month of march because i really start to miss him. he is always away for two weeks then comes home for like a day and then he goes off for another two weeks. but i can see that it's really starting to getting a toll on him. he is really missing home and all his friends. his calls tend to be much longer nowadays. (imagining me smiling fondly at that)
gonna end this here cause i start babbeling to much.
bye bye