Montag, 21. Februar 2011

my dog is a fashionista.... haha

i was just chilling with my dog and writing a blogpost and was prior to that reading the new woman.
i nearly fell of the couch as i saw my dog was looking into the magazine. it was so hilarious. haha.....
it's not how she sat right in front of it but here's a pic to prove it:

omfg - forever 21 is here!!!!

i just read in my new woman magazine about the opening of 2 Forever 21 stores in vienna. i was sitting next to my father when i read this and screamed bloody murder. he was like, "are you crazy?!?!?" haha...
i am just so damn happy that F21 is finally coming to austria and at two locations at once. one at the mariahilfer straße and one at the kärntnerstraße. oh my huge shopping heart grew another few inches. LOL
i just wanted to share this with you guys.

My personal life is in kind of low phase right now. :( i failed in two out of 5 exams this semester which is really sad, cause now i can't do my first bakk-seminar with my friends but at least now i can get information from them about the how tos and stuff. i am trying to see the positives. also my best friend is again together with his exexexgirlfriend who betrayed him and i can just see him in my kitchen kicking back a few beers and pouring his broken heart out again. as the good friend i am i told him that she isn't it for him but he thinks he can trust her again. i just hope the time they are together is worth it for him. i will be there for him if it won't last.


Montag, 14. Februar 2011

another cupids arrow gone wrong

another valentine i am alone. same old, same old. even a good friend of mine got me a flower cause i won't get one otherwise. kind of frustrating. hopefully next year i will have this special one everyone is always talking about around me. maybe, well enough of my desperate babbling.
i wish you all a happy valentines day.

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