Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Man man man what a week, Pure stress. Firstly my dog stopped eating at all just drinking some water. I was sooo worried, you can’t imagine. We also detected a lump at her throat.  So we took her to a veterinarian. She is really great. She narcotized her and looked at her teeth. The were totally septic!!!! The vet then cleaned her teeth with some sort of a machine and biopsied the lump. Our dog did better after that. But a few days later she again stopped eating and was just lying around and not even coming to me when I came home. That again really irritated me so I again took her to the vet who diagnosed her with either a heart or a liver sickness and gave us some drops. They also helped a bit but again after  a few days she again stopped eating and was even more distant to me. So at the beginning of this week my mom again took her to the vet and now she still is there. The checked her blood again and saw that her liver values were extremely high… like extraordinary high. So we asked our vet what she would do if it was her dog and she said she would operate her. So we told here to do it and she did so yesterday morning and told us that she had a peritonitis und cysts her uterus and she castrated her to get rid of this cysts. Now our Sindy has to fight the doctor did everything she could.

Wish her strength

This was a pre-written post I wanted to upload today but unfortunately things got worse and we had to let her go on the 10th of may, mothersday. She will always be in our hearts. She was after all my first puppy and I loved her dearly this last 8 years. But it’s better for her. She really did fight hard against her leukemia but she didn’t win. I still and will maybe always mourn her loss but it’s better this way. That’s what I say to myself but everyone who lost a dearly loved pet or rather a family member, which she was, will understand that this words do mean nothing in that situation you’re in when it dies. more pictures will follow i just don't have them on this computer i am typing on right now.